How we help

We focus on building a long-term mutual relationship with Taiwan early-stage entrepreneurs and help them succeed by providing the necessary funding and resource.

Entrepreneur Network

We have a deep relationship with local and overseas entrepreneurs alike, and hope to foster beneficial partnerships between entrepreneurs in our network.

Business consulting

Even if we are unable to invest right now, we will provide consultation and ideas to startups as much as we can.

Investments and Fundraising

As a VC, we also provide startups with advice on how to fundraise more effectively and how to secure financing from other avenues.


As a Cornerstoner, you get to be a part of a platform where you can build a close relationship with other startups in our ecosystem. We also invite our companies to meet with our business LPs to find synergy where possible and leverage our relationships to grow your business.

Regional Expansion

We have a close relationship with startups, entrepreneurs, accelerators, VCs in the ASEAN region. We can assist you in expanding to Taiwan and/or Southeast Asia.

Professional Assistance

Our team has a deep experience in guiding startups, including knowledge in: Enterprise Sale, Growth Hacking, Business Analysis, Product Development and other areas.


Meet the team

TP Lin / 林子樸

National Taiwan University: Bachelor's in Physics / Master's in Photonics / Guitarist

Brandon Chiang / 江旻峻

National Taiwan University: Bachelor's in Mathematics / MBA / Vocalist

Simon Sheng / 盛方揚

National Taiwan University: Bachelor's in Life Sciences / Master's in Int'l Business

Associate / Investment Manager

We are looking for new talents to join us

Our Mission

We help startup founders, we are your cornerstone

About Cornerstone Ventures

Cornerstone Ventures is an early-stage venture capital investing across Taiwan and SEA. We love to help early-stage startup founders and build more IMPACT together!

We believe that “The Future is Unwritten.” Cornerstone Ventures' vision is to help startups grow, create more value, and make history for the Taiwan Ecosystem.

Cornerstone is a startup as well. We will incorporate data-driven methods to grow along with startups from Day 1 with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Something you should know about Cornerstone Ventures

Every Venture Capital has its own preference. Cornerstone Ventures focus on the early-stage investment. The ticket size is around US$ 200K-1M from Seed to Series A. Cornerstone Ventures also cover some Series A round follow-on investments. Cornerstone Ventures is interested in the fields of digital economy, especially for the AI.

How to pitch to Cornerstone Ventures? Please contact us. Contact@cornerstonevc.tw