Born in Chiba Japan and grew up in Guangzhou China. Established broadcast station and led basketball team as head coach while in school. Obtained double majors (Optical Engineering & Financial Economics) at University of Rochester in New York, US. Successfully established a student organization and failed as entrepreneurs twice while in college.

After graduation, joined one of the top three investment banks in Japan, SMBC Nikko Securities, and participated in supporting portfolio companies of major PE funds to go through M&A or IPO. Later on, joined one of the largest VC firms in Japan, SBI Investment, and took charge of sourcing, investing in, and monitoring growth stage (Series B ~ Pre IPO) oversea startups, with a focus on Blockchain, Fintech, and AI sectors. Also participated in raising fund from oversea financial institutions. While in SBI: invested in 16 startups that are based in Southeast Asia, UK, US, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and China Mainland; sat on the boards of 6 companies; completed 2 exits and realized JPY 1.43B of capital gain.

Established joint ventures between portfolio companies and SBI to support startups to enter new markets as well as initiate new business; supported startups to restructure organizational structure and capital structure; supported startups to approach late stage investors and PE funds to raise new rounds of funding; supported startups to complete exits by M&A.  Selected to be on Forbes Japan Midas List 2019 (the most influential venture capitalists in Japan in 2019)  as the youngest person ever to be selected. Joined Cornerstone Ventures in April 2020.