Weekly News (2020.9.2 ~ 2020.9.9)

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我是 Jonathan,在美國 University of Rochester 取得光學工程與金融經濟雙學位後,就職於日本三大投資銀行之一的 SMBC Nikko。之後在創投 SBI 負責海外投資,主要專注於區塊鏈,金融科技,人工智能等領域的成長期新創。2020 年加入基石創投。

English version (下方有中文版):

    • Police raid headquarters of Bithumb, the largest crypto exchange in South Korea, one week after it raid Coinbit, the third largest in the county. (Details)
    • Founder of SushiSwap, a rival of decentralized exchange Uniswap that was launched on Aug 28th, cashed out $13M worth of token on Sep 5th. (Details)
  • Fraud / Regulation / Lawsuit

 Investors in Tezos’s $230M ICO win $25M settlement in court, accusing the ICO was an unregistered securities sale. (Details)
and Bitfinex file a motion to dismiss their market-manipulation lawsuit. (Details)
 Shyft Network is adding Huobi, Bitfinex, and Tether to its crypto AML platform to be compliant with FATF travel rule.  (Details)
 Robinhood faces multiple SEC investigations into its disclosure of revenue practices. (Details

  • Crypto/CBDC Adoption

Brazil’s central bank says it could be ready for CBDC by 2022. (Details)
Swiss canton of Zug plans to accept taxes in Bitcoin and Ether from 2021. (Details)
adds Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment options. (Details)
SGX enters into the digital asset, launching crypto index in collaboration with CryptoCompare. (Details

  • Blockchain Adoption

Saudi Arabia considers issuing blockchain-based business passport. (Details)
India’s tech giant Tech Mahindra announces it will offer blockchain solutions built on AWS-managed blockchain. (Details)

  • Other Business Progress

Mode, a crypto banking app, plans to go public in UK and raise $40M. (Details)
Japan’s largest advertising agent Dentsu and entertainment conglomerate Avex join JCBI, a blockchain initiative to manage and monetize content and products. (Details)
Revolut launches in Japan with an e-wallet and a Visa debit card. (Details)
Ziglu, a payment app from a co-founder of Starling Bank, launches P2P crypto payment after receiving UK’s EMI license. (Details)
Revolut expands crypto trading service to Australia. (Details)


    • 警方突襲韓國最大虛擬貨幣交易所 Bithumb 公司總部。一週前曾突襲韓國第三大交易所 Coinbit(Details)
    • 於 8 月 28 日上線的去中心化交易所 SushiSwap (Uniswap的競爭對手) 的創辦人在 9 月 5 日賣出了價值 1300 萬美元的自家 token。(Details)
  • 詐騙/監管/訴訟

參與了 Tezos 2.3億美元的 ICO 的投資者指控該 ICO 是未註冊的證券銷售,在法庭下贏得了 2500 萬美元的和解金。(Details)
Tether Bitfinex 提出動議,要求駁回針對其市場操縱嫌疑的訴訟。(Details)  
Shyft NetworkHuobiBitfinexTether 加入其虛擬貨幣反洗錢平台,以符合 FATF travel rule 法規。 (Details)
Robinhood 面臨美國證券交易委員會 SEC 對其收入披露行為的多項調查。(Details

  • 虛擬貨幣/CBDC的應用

巴西央行表示可能在 2022 年前為發行 CBDC 做好準備。(Details)
瑞士 Zug 州計劃從 2021 年開始接受 Bitcoin 和 Ethereum 作為稅收幣種。(Details)
Pornhub 新增 Bitcoin 和 Litecoin 作為支付選項。(Details)
SGX 進軍數字資產,與 CryptoCompare 合作推出虛擬貨幣指數。(Details

  • 區塊鏈的應用】 

Saudi Arabia 考慮發放基於區塊鏈的商務護照。(Details)
Tech Mahindra 宣布將提供基於 AWS 管理的區塊鏈解決方案。(Details)

  • 其他進展

提供虛擬貨幣銀行 APP 的 Mode 計劃在英國上市,募資 4000 萬美元。(Details)
日本最大的廣告代理商電通和娛樂集團 Avex 加入 JCBI,一個管理並商業化 content 和 product 的區塊鏈計劃。(Details)
Revolut 在日本開始營業,推出電子錢包和 Visa 金融卡。 (Details)
Ziglu,一款由 Starling Bank 創始人建造的支付 APP,在獲得英國 EMI 牌照後推出 P2P 虛擬貨幣支付。(Details)
Revolut 將虛擬貨幣交易服務擴展到澳大利亞(Details

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