Weekly News (2020.9.9 ~ 2020.9.16)

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我是 Jonathan,在美國 University of Rochester 取得光學工程與金融經濟雙學位後,就職於日本三大投資銀行之一的 SMBC Nikko。之後在創投 SBI 負責海外投資,主要專注於區塊鏈,金融科技,人工智能等領域的成長期新創。2020 年加入基石創投。

English version (下方有中文版):

      • Uniswap’s monthly trading volume from June to August: $0.5B → $1.76B → $6.7B. And September volume has topped August volume in 10 days. (Details)
      • The “buy-now pay-later” startup Klarna raised $650M at valuation of $10B and becomes Europe’s most valuable fintech company. (Details)
      • Santander spins out its $400M fintech venture capital arm and renamed as Mouro Capital (Details)
      • Y Combinator backed Indian investment app Groww raised $21.4M Series B to compete with Paytm Money, Zerodha, Fyers, Kuvera, Sqrrl Fintect.  (Details)
      • Digital investment in Southeast Asia heats up as Grab and Gojek enter the market to compete with StashAway and Endowus. (Details)
      • Crypto exchange Diginex is going public on NASDAQ by Sep 23rd with backdoor listing. (Details
      • Crypto exchange INX is currently carrying out the first registered public offering of security tokens on Ethereum. (Details)
      • Thai’s Central Bank’s new blockchain-based bond infrastructure passes a test with $1.6B sale of government saving bond. (Details)
      • Chainalysis reports on global crypto adoption, with Ukraine ranked as the first place, Russia the second, Venezuela the third, and China, Kenya, US, South Africa to follow. (Details)
      • Mastercard releases platform enabling central banks to test issuance, distribution, and exchange of CBDC. (Details)
      • Crypto.com launches DeFi swap products to offer yield incentives to liquidity providers, following Uniswap and Binance. (Details)
      • A Singapore man got up to 14 years of jail time and 12 strokes of cane, for robbing bitcoin buyers who expected to purchase bitcoin from him with cash. (Details)
      • Founder of SushiSwap has returned all $14M that he cashed out last week to the community. (Details)
      • Lending startup Monedo, formerly known as Kreditch and the largest fintech startup in Germany, files for insolvency proceedings. (Details)
    • Square forms COPA, Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance, a NPO to stop companies from locking up useful crypto technologies in patent. (Details)
    • Overstock’s crypto exchange tZero wins FINRA approval to launch retail broker-dealer subsidiary. (Details)
    • Crypto exchange Kraken comes back to Japan, 2 years after it left Japan due to restricting regulation. (Details)
    • Some of UK’s biggest banks, like Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, and NatWest,  have signed a government-backed pledge to improve collaboration with fintech firms. (Details)


    • Uniswap 6-8月的月交易量:$5 億→ $17.6 億→ $67 億。而 9 月份的交易量已經在 10 天內超過 8 月份的總交易量。(Details)
  • 募資/IPO
    • 提供 “Buy-now pay-later “的新創 Klarna 以 100 億美元的估值募資 6.5 億,成為歐洲估值最高的金融科技公司。(Details)
    • Santander 銀行把 4 億美元的金融科技創投部門分拆,並更名為 Mouro Capital(Details)
    • Y Combinator 畢業的印度投資 APP 新創 Groww 募集了 2140 萬美元 的 B 輪融資,與 Paytm Money、Zerodha、Fyers、Kuvera、Sqrrl Fintect 等競爭。 (Details)
    • 東南亞的 digital investment 市場升溫,GrabGojek 進入市場與 StashAway、Endowus 競爭。(Details)
    • 虛擬貨幣交易所 Diginex 將於 9 月 23 日前在 NASDAQ 通過 backdoor listing 上市。(Details)
    • 虛擬貨幣交易所 INX 目前正在 Ethereum 上進行全球首次通過法規注冊的證券型代幣的公開銷售。(Details)
  • 區塊鏈的應用
    • 泰國央行基於區塊鏈技術的新型債券基礎系統完成了出售價值 16 億美元的政府儲蓄債券的測試。(Details)
  • 虛擬貨幣/CBDC 的應用
    • Chainalysis 報告了全球虛擬貨幣的採用情況,烏克蘭排名第一,俄羅斯第二,委內瑞拉第三。中國、肯尼亞、美國、南非緊隨其後。(Details)
    • Mastercard 發佈新平台,讓各國央行可以測試其 CBDC 的發行、分配和兌換。(Details)
    • Crypto.com 推出 DeFi swap 產品,繼 Uniswap Binance 之後,向流動性提供者提供收益。(Details)
  • 壞消息
    • 新加坡一名男子因搶劫預期用現金向他購買比特幣的買家,被判最高 14 年監禁,並被杖責 12 下。(Details)
    • SushiSwap 創始人已將上週套現的 1400 萬美金全部返還給 community。(Details)
    • 借貸創業公司 Monedo (原名 Kreditch,曾是德國最大的金融科技新創) 申請破產程序。(Details)
  • 產品/服務/合作/聯盟的推出
    • Square 成立 COPA (Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance),即虛擬貨幣開放專利聯盟,一個旨在阻止企業將有用的加密技術鎖定在其專利上的 NPO。(Details)
    • Overstock 旗下虛擬貨幣交易所 tZero 獲 FINRA 批準成立零售證券經紀商子公司。(Details)
    • 虛擬貨幣交易所 Kraken 因法規監管離開日本 2 年後,重回日本。(Details)
    • 英國最大的銀行,如 BarclaysHSBCLloydsSantanderNatWest,,簽署了一項政府支持的承諾書,以改善與金融科技公司的合作。(Details)

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