Weekly News ( ~ 2021.1.6)

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我是 Jonathan,在美國 University of Rochester 取得光學工程與金融經濟雙學位後,就職於日本三大投資銀行之一的 SMBC Nikko。之後在創投 SBI 負責海外投資,主要專注於區塊鏈,金融科技,人工智能等領域的成長期新創。2020 年加入基石創投。


    • Bittrex is to delist three privacy coins, monero(XMR), zcash(ZEC) and dash(DASH), following the trend of privacy coins being delisted to comply with KYC and AML regulations. (Details
    • Riot, the bitcoin mining company, passed a $1.08B in market capitalization, which has aggressively expanded the sophistication of its mining operations in 2020. (Details)
    • Cryptocurrency trading platform eToro is considering a potential $5 billion IPO in Q2 2021. The company gained 5M new customers last year and is already profitable. (Details)
    • GMO-Z.com, a Japanese internet conglomerate, was licensed to issue Japanese yen (JPY)- and U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoins, which will be the first of its kind available to the public. (Details)
    • Gazpromneft, subsidiary of Russian natural gas giant Gazprom, opened a venue for crypto mining in Siberia, ready to provide its energy resources for miners. (Details)
    • Spanish city Lebrija has created a virtual currency, eilo, as a stimulus during the COVID-19 pandemic. The currency can be used for payments made to SMEs. (Details)
    • SEC disapproved BOX Exchange’s request to use Ethereum blockchain for stock trade reporting. The major concern was information inaccuracy due to its use of an “omnibus wallet” for non-BSTX stock transaction data. (Details)
    • Indian government is considering a 18% bitcoin transaction tax. Local exchanges deemed it as a positive sign for government’s growing comfort with crypto. (Details)
    • FINCEN designated virtual currency as reportable account. US persons will have to report foreign crypto holdings and transactions over $10k. (Details)
    • Serbian government legalized the issuance and trading of digital assets with the new “digital asset law”. Service providers can operate after obtaining permit from supervisory authority. (Details)





    • 大型貨幣交易所 Bittrex 將下架 monero (XMR)、zcash (ZEC) 與 dash (DASH) 三大隱私幣,導致其幣價暴跌。越來越多大型交易所將隱私幣除名以遵守 KYC 與反洗錢法規 (Details
  • 上市 / 募資
    • 比特幣挖礦公司 Riot 去年底市值突破 10.8 億美元,該公司去年積極擴大挖礦業務的規模與複雜程度 (Details)
    • 加密貨幣交易及管理平台 eToro 正在考慮於今年第二季以 5 億美元公開上市。該公司去年增加了五百萬名客戶,且已經開始獲利 (Details)
  • 虛擬貨幣應用
    • 日本互聯網集團 GMO-Z.com 獲准發行與日元、美元掛鉤的穩定幣。這是紐約金融服務廳 (NYDFS) 第一次批准企業發行「日圓穩定幣」(Details)
    • 俄羅斯天然氣巨頭 Gazprom 的子公司 Gazpromneft 在西伯利亞開設加密貨幣挖礦地,將開放其天然資源供給挖礦所需電力 (Details)
  • 政府 & CBDC
    • 西班牙城市 Lebrija 政府創造虛擬貨幣 eilo 以支持疫情期間的經濟活動。該貨幣可用於支付中小企業 (Details)
    • 美國證卷交易委員會 (SEC) 否決 BOX 交易所的提案—用以太坊 (Ethereum) 區塊鍊記錄與呈報股票交易資料,主要擔心其使用「綜合性錢包」處理非 BSTX 股票的交易將導致訊息失準 (Details)
    • 印度政府正在考慮對比特幣徵收 18% 的商品及服務稅。當地交易所認為課稅是政府對比特幣資產有了更好理解的良兆 (Details)
    • 美國金融犯罪執法網路部門 (FinCEN) 將虛擬貨幣修改為須申報的國外持有財產。美國公民必須申報 1 萬美元以上虛擬貨幣的外國帳戶,貨幣服務提供商也需在交易超過一定金額時記錄並提交用戶資料 (Details)
    • 塞爾維亞政府通過新的「數位資產法」,將數位資產的發行和交易合法化。服務提供商在獲得監管部門的許可後即可開始運營 (Details)


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