EN_Felix Yang

In college, I majored in Economics and pursued a minor in Mathematics due to my interest in the subject. After graduation, I worked as a project manager in operations at an e-commerce platform, where my team and I utilized data-driven approaches to identify and solve problems.

When faced with new challenges, I like to establish a framework I can understand by forming hypotheses, seeking data for validation and confirmation, and deepening my understanding.


Embracing Uncertainty

I enjoy thinking in reverse from the expected outcomes, considering the prerequisites, capabilities, and experiences needed to achieve goals. Uncertainty is ubiquitous in life; if we can clarify our objectives, we can adopt a gradual strategy that increases our investment as uncertainty decreases.


Appreciating Data-Driven Discussions

In addition to quantifiable data, qualitative observations and feedback can help us progressively reduce uncertainty and make decisions with higher expected values.


Continuous Learning

There are so many talented people and valuable ideas to learn from. I always want to maintain an open mind and never miss opportunities to learn from others.