Jimmy Chiang

About Jimmy Chiang

Born in Taichung, Taiwan.

Accidentally co-founded a startup in the field of eco-tourism during his university years with a junior student. This opportunity allowed him, who was studying forestry at National Taiwan University and conducting research at Academia Sinica, to get involved in the startup industry. After leaving the startup, Jimmy joined the VC arm as an analyst at Kronos Research, a cryptocurrency market maker, at the end of 2020. During his time, he participated in the strategy development and overseas expansion of the cryptocurrency exchange, WOO Network. He also assisted in raising $42 million in Series A and A+ funding in 2021, led by Binance, Fenbushi, and Gate Ventures. In addition to his work, he expanded his knowledge and insights into different industries by investing in the food and beverage sector.

Jimmy holds PADI AOW and Taiwanese Water Safety Association lifeguard certifications. He is also a lover of mountaineering, cycling, and photography. During his studies, he traveled to various regions such as Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, Tibet, and Northwestern China with just a backpack, constantly challenging himself and broadening his horizons

"The core of value investing is business insights, namely a deep understanding of people, businesses, the environment, and organizations. If the research understanding can be realized through the secondary market, buy stocks for long-term holdings. If there are no such listed companies, look for opportunities in the private market. If there is no private market, even consider incubating entrepreneurial teams." - Zhang Lei, Founder of Hillhouse Capital

Regardless of the stage of investment, insights into people and businesses are always an incredibly important part of the business world. Hopes to explore the infinite possibilities of the market with kind, intelligent, and execution-oriented entrepreneurs during his days as a venture capitalist.