Sara Chen

About Sara Chen

Sara graduated from National Taiwan University with a major in Accountancy. She then pursued a Master's degree in Accounting at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Upon returning to Taiwan, Sara embarked on a career in the audit and financial advisory departments of Big Four accounting firms.

Throughout her career, Sara has been involved in numerous domestic and cross-border merger and acquisition projects. Her experience has made her adept at coordinating financial and structural issues during the M&A process.

Before joining Cornerstone, Sara worked as an investment manager at a cultural and creative fund. She was deeply involved in over 30 projects within the cultural and creative sectors. Sara's role extended beyond financial support; she also played a key role in resource matching and collaborated with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency to mentor cultural and creative teams while providing valuable consulting services.

In her free time, Sara enjoys attending music festivals, hiking, diving, longboarding, and bouldering. These activities not only refresh her mind but also allow her to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

Sara values the enthusiasm and dedication of entrepreneurial teams and looks forward to uncovering more opportunities through meaningful interactions with them.