Born and raised in Taiwan, I studied in both Australia and the UK starting at the age of 15. I came back to Taipei upon the completion of my master’s degree in 2015. Thereafter, I completed my national service, and worked in both Taipei and Hong Kong.


My previous experiences were diverse, having worked in both IT sales, and in investment research.


My journey so far has given me perspectives from both the investment side and the operational side, helping me to understand how a company is managed. I hope that at Cornerstone, I can help to bring new ways of thinking, and help to connect with more international startups outside of Taiwan and Asia.


Passionate About New Technologies


New technologies are reshaping our world at an unprecedented pace, from the digitization of every part of our daily lives to autonomous driving and robotics.


They move so quickly that we often adapt to it without even realizing such changes. I believe that by being a student and a passionate follower of new technologies, we can make better decisions here at Cornerstone and be part of that journey.


Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You


Here at Cornerstone, we meet plenty of aspiring and highly competent entrepreneurs. It is one of the great privileges of working here. I believe it is by being the second smartest person in the room can we constantly better ourselves. That we find, understand, and empathize with talented founders, so that we can advise and assist them on a journey of new business success.


Keep An Open Mind


“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” As Albert Einstein put it, it’s important to not only be logical, but also be able to imagine new possibilities. Some of the most successful technology giants in Silicon Valley started out with ideas difficult to comprehend at the time, but it was precisely due to its bold imagination that they were able to reach heights no others thought possible. I like to constantly remind myself not to be limited by conventional wisdom, that the greatest ideas are perhaps ones that we cannot conceptualize just yet.