Weekly News (2020.7.15 ~ 2020.7.22)

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Hi, I am Jonathan Hayashi. After graduating from University of Rochester with double degrees in Optical Engineering and Financial Economics, I worked in one of the top 3 investment banks in Japan, SMBC Nikko. Later on, I joined one of the largest VC firms in Japan, SBI, and took charge of growth stage investments in Blockchain, Fintech, and AI Sector. I joined Cornerstone Ventures in 2020.

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  • Binance announced to roll out debit card for EU and UK in August. Powered by Swipe, the card allows users to spend crypto at any merchant that supports Visa payments. The card was first tested in Vietnam and Malaysia, after Binance acquired Swipe, which is based in Philippine. (Detail)
  • Malaysian Securities Commission (SC) added Binance and eToro into its blacklist, a list of companies not permitted to operate in the country. Yet, as SC does not have the power to block websites, Binance and eToro’s local operations are not affected at this point. eToro commented that its Asian operations are all regulated by the Australian regulation. (Detail) Taiwan FSC has also claim eToro is illegal to operate in Taiwan (Detail).
  • If you’re in finance industry, you must have heard of FATF and SWIFT. And now FATF starts to regulate the crypto world too. To help FATF do so, Shyft is rolling out a blockchain-based version of SWIFT, with Binance as its early adopter. (Detail) BitGo is also providing API support t oits crypto-exchange clients to be compliant. (Detail) As one of the first movers in this field, Taiwan’s CoolBitX has released SYGNA Bridge in 2019 and announced partnership with Elliptic this week. (Detail)
  • About 130 Twitter accounts, including those of Obama, Kanye, Elon, and Bill Gates, had been hacked and twitted to encourage users to send bitcoin to a wallet. (Detail) And it seems like the hacker is a 21-year-old SIM swapper. (Detail) Among the top three blockchain forensics firms, CypherTrace and Chainalysis confirmed they have helped FBI’s investigation, and Elliptic is not disclosing its contribution. (Detail)
  • A senior figure at the Bank of Thailand (BOT), Vachira Arromdee has confirmed the bank is already using a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for transactions with some businesses. Transactions with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority will be conducted with the CBDC from September. (Detail) Bank of Japan (BOJ) has also recently formed a new team to explore the implications of CBDC. (Detail)

The Future Is Unwritten.

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