How to Raise Fund from Cornerstone

If you’re looking to receive an investment from Cornerstone Ventures, first you’d have to realize that not all businesses need VC investment.

Entrepreneurship can be as simple as running a small business or being a freelancer, but only a small proportion of startups are suitable for venture capital funding. Before you think about raising capital from VCs, you can refer to our blog on why startups need/don’t need VC (Chinese only), and really think deeply about your life goals as well as discuss internally with your team. For example, what kind of company do you want to create, or even what do you want your daily life to look like? If you’ve decided to choose a high-risk path that can be physically and mentally exhausting, Cornerstone will be happy to support you and write the future together.

Below are some basic facts about Cornerstone Ventures:

Fund Size NTD 400M
Investment Targets Internet-related businesses, including eCommerce, fintech, on-demand services, smart healthcare, applications of big data, IoT, AI, etc.

However we think that the founding team is the most important factor.

Fund Life 10 years (2018-2028)
Investment Stage Mainly seed – series A, but we also invest in growth stage startups
Investment Size USD 200k – USD 1M

We think an investment is a long-term relationship that necessitates mutual respect and collaboration.

We feel that the founding team is the most important factor, thereafter market, traction, business model, product.

We provide advice and feedback to startups through frequent meetings, but we don’t interfere with company operations and decision-making processes.

If you think that Cornerstone can be a good fit as your investor and partner, feel free to have a chat with us.

You can mail us at, but it’d be better if you can find someone to make warm introductions for you. You can try reaching us through our portfolio companies, friends of Cornerstone team, or Cornerstone investors/LPs.

Since these people are trusted by Cornerstone and they understand how Cornerstone operates, they will be good channels to reach out to us. You can also ask them about how Cornerstone Ventures is like as investors to gauge if we will be a great fit for you.

Lastly, as mentioned above, we think that investment is a long-term relationship. Therefore, we hope to spend some time to mutually know each other better. We hope that we can work with exceptional founding teams to write the future together, as we believe that “The Future is Unwritten”.

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