Weekly News ( ~ 2020.10.7)

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我是 Jonathan,在美國 University of Rochester 取得光學工程與金融經濟雙學位後,就職於日本三大投資銀行之一的 SMBC Nikko。之後在創投 SBI 負責海外投資,主要專注於區塊鏈,金融科技,人工智能等領域的成長期新創。2020 年加入基石創投。


  • TOP NEWS → Regulators are on the attack!
    • BitMEX is charged by the U.S CFTC and Federal prosecutors for unregistered trading and violation of Bank Secrecy Act. The co-founders are charged and CTO is under arrest. (Details
    • Founder of McAfee is arrested for tax evasion and sued for securities violation as he was paid to promote several ICO projects. (Details)
    • The messaging app Kik’s $100M  token sale in 2017 was ruled by the US. Judge to be violation of securities law. (Details)
    • The crypto collateralization lending platform, Salt Blockchain, was ordered by SEC to refund its 2017 ICO due to the violation of securities law by unregistered sales. (Details)
    • The crypto exchange and blockchain service company Diginex has been listed on NASDAQ through SPAC, making it the first crypto exchange operator to be listed on NASDAQ. (Details)
    • The Japanese IT giant NEC announced the acquisition of Swiss fintech company Avaloq for $2.24B, to expand their global reach and service offering. (Details
    • Braintrust, the blockchain-based tech talent marketplace, raised the venture round of $18M, to develop the De-Fi solutions to talent marketplace.(Details)
    • Citigroup made a strategic investment to the financial market software start-up Genesis Global for PoC of a structured credit trading system.   (Details)
    • Propy, the blockchain-based real estate platform, raised an undisclosed funding round from Tim Draper. (Details)
    • The SME lending platform October raised $300M through debt financing, mostly to fund the SME from Italy and tourism industry, which were severely harmed by the pandemic (Details)
    • Online trading platform eToro announced the launching of “Staking” tokens rewards offering, which will start from TRON and Canadian Cardano. (Details)
    • The total Stablecoin supply from Q2 to Q3: $12B → $19.87B. Due to the explosion of De-Fi, the growth is 1200% compared to the same period last year. (Details)
    • Ethereum transaction fees reached to the record-high of $166M in Sep, which was 6 times bigger than Bitcoin’s. (Details)
    • The blockchain payment firm Ripple won a patent for design that can execute smart contracts based on data collected from the outside. (Details)
    • Venezuela established the Ethereum-based national stock exchange, BDVE exchange, to against US sanctions. (Details)
    • Australian prime minister announced the government’s plan of $575M tech funding to boost the recovery from pandemic, including $6.9M in Blockchain. (Details)
    • UK FinTech exporter, ICC Solutions, has secured a deal with a major US acquiring bank to to facilitate safer card payment in US. (Details)


  • TOP NEWS → 監管機構連續出擊!
    • BitMEX 被美國 CFTC 和 聯邦檢察官指控進行未注冊交易和違反銀行法規定。聯合創始人被起訴,CTO 已被逮捕。 (Details
    • McAfee 創始人因逃稅被捕,並且被訴違反證券法,因他曾經有償推廣多個 ICO 項目。(Details)
    • 聊天軟體 Kik 在 2017 年出售 1 億美元代幣,被美國法官裁定為違反證券法。(Details)
    • 虛擬貨幣抵押借貸平台 Salt Blockchain 因未註冊交易違反證券法,被 SEC 勒令退還 2017 年 ICO 中募集的 $47M。(Details)
  • 募資 / IPO
    • 虛擬貨幣交易所兼區塊鏈服務公司 Diginex 通過 SPAC 在 NASDAQ 上市,成為首家在 NASDAQ 上市的虛擬貨幣交易所運營商。(Details)
    • 日本 IT 巨頭 NEC 宣布以 22.4 億美元收購瑞士金融科技公司 Avaloq,以擴大其全球影響力和服務範圍。(Details
    • 基於區塊鏈的科技人才配對平台 Braintrust 募資 1800 萬美元,開发人才市場 De-Fi 解決方案。 (Details
    • 花旗集團對金融市場軟體新創 Genesis Global 進行戰略投資,用於結構化信貸交易系統的PoC。   (Details
    • 建立於區塊鏈的房地產交易平台 Propy Tim Draper 募資,不公開金額。 (Details
    • 中小企業借貸平台 October 通過債權融資 3 億美金,主要用於資助來自意大利的受到了疫情嚴重傷害的中小企業和旅遊行業。 (Details
  • 區塊鏈和虛擬貨幣的商業應用
    • 在線交易平台 eToro 宣布推出代幣 staking 獎勵產品 (類似定存),將從 TRON 和 CARDANO 開始。 (Details
    • 第二季度至第三季度穩定幣供應總量:120 億 –> 198.7 億。由於 De-Fi 的爆发,相比去年同期增長 1200%。 (Details
    • 9 月 Ethereum 交易費達到 1.66 億美元的歷史最高點,是 Bitcoin 的 6 倍。 (Details
    • 區塊鏈支付公司 Ripple 獲得了一項設計專利,可以根據從外部收集的數據執行智能合約。 (Details
  • 政府和監管
    • 委內瑞拉成立基於 Ethereum 的國家股票交易所 BDVE,以對抗美國的制裁。 (Details
    • 澳洲總理宣布政府計劃 5.75 億美金的科技資金促進疫情恢覆,其中 690 萬美金將投資於區塊鏈。 (Details)
    • 英國金融科技出口商 ICC Solutions 與美國一家主要收單銀行達成協議,以促進美國更安全的銀行卡支付。 (Details)

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